Founder Of Cicospace: Aaron Knipp

Cicospace is a community focused content house for keynote speakers and thought leaders. We have strategic partners with leaders in keynote industry to insure we are setting the standard in content production. Our headquarters are in Scottsdale, however we have several studios across the western half of the United States.

Content House For Keynote Speakers

What is a content house? As a thought leader you are in constant development of your IP, therefore, you are also in constant development of the content you provide. This means updated stage footage, updated demo reels, updated interviews.

Cicospace is your new partner in content production. Below you will see a list of what we are known for.

Demo Reel Production - Interview Style Footage - Podcast Filming - Stage Footage - Live Keynote Recording - Youtube Videos - Repurposed Social Media Videos - Audience Reactions - Workshop Filming - Professional Stage Pictures - Event Sizzles - and more...

Studio Locations

Scottsdale, AZ

Portland, OR

Chicago, IL

Salt Lake City, UT

Denver, CO

and more...



Entrepreneur Magazine Leadership Network

Inc. Magazine Verified

Top Live Events Production Company

USA Wire Publication Council

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