What The Top Keynote Speakers Are Doing To Stand Out

What The Top Keynote Speakers Are Doing To Stand Out

May 29, 2023

Aaron Knipp, council on USAWire highlights what the top performing keynote speakers are doing to stand out to speaking bureaus. You can check out the full article here.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Repurposing Stage Footage: Acquiring stage footage is essential for keynote speakers, but it shouldn't stop there. Speakers should consider repurposing their presentations, creating "signature story highlight videos" and breaking down lengthy speeches into digestible social media posts. This not only increases their authority but also provides more value to their audience.
  2. Utilizing LinkedIn Articles: The use of LinkedIn as a tool for visibility is important. Writing and publishing SEO-friendly articles directly on a LinkedIn profile can increase engagement and sharing. The strategy further solidifies a speaker’s reputation and expertise within the industry, as well as bolstering their chances of appearing on Google's first page.
  3. Consistent Media Placement: To maintain relevance in a rapidly evolving world, keynote speakers need to have a consistent stream of content. This can be achieved by collaborating with a PR team to ensure regular publication of articles and press releases. By continually addressing their speaking topics and highlighting their achievements, they can maintain their industry presence and demonstrate their expertise to their audiences.

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