Cicospace: The Secret Weapon For Keynote Speakers

Cicospace: The Secret Weapon For Keynote Speakers

Mar 21, 2023

US Insider names Cicospace "The Secret Weapon For Keynote Speakers" find out more in the full article here.

Key Points:

  • offers a new way to help. It turns keynote speeches, TED talks, and podcasts into interesting social media content. This allows speakers to use their existing work to increase their online presence.
  • Cicospace is known for increasing engagement by up to 5 times. It puts speakers' social media on autopilot using repurposed footage, creates story videos, and updates video reels.
  • It has three main services to help businesses and speakers: CICO Unlimited provides unlimited website design, press releases, and video editing; CICO Social is a monthly social media strategy talk; and CICO Consulting helps those needing a hand with strategy and growing their brand.
  • People love working with Aaron and his team. They're good at what they do, and they really care. Their approach has helped clients grow organically and become more well-known online.
  • Apart from his business, Aaron has also started The CICO Support Organization. It's a non-profit that helps start-ups by giving them mentors.

*note that Cicospace is a fulid company and not all offers may be present at time of reading.

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